ophthalmic chair for ot
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Select Language ophthalmic equipments ophthalmic chair unit mobile operation table refraction unit refraction chair ophthalmic mobile operation table operation table cum chair motorized operation table for ophthalmic motorized operation table for eye refraction chair and stand unit
motorized operation table for eye phaco machine trolley dermatology chair for patient trolley for operation theater equipments ophthalmic slit lamp microscope digital eye testing unit ophthalmic micro blades for phaco surgery refraction trial lens set
patient chair for examination
patient examination chair
patient chair for dermatology and cosmetology
ent patient chair for examination
ent examination chair fully motorized
digital eye testing unit
trial lens set for refraction
surgeon chair motorized
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Globe Fixation Ring multiple teeth 16 mm diameter
motorized chair for operation
Globe Fixation Ring with multiple teeth 16 mm dia., swivel handle
patient examination chair
Fixation Ring and Degree Gauge for globe fixation and axial
alignment of corneal incisions to correct astigmatism 13.5 mm I.D.

patient chair for dermatology and cosmetology
Axis Marker used with Mendez degree gauge to mark the axis in which corneal incisions for correction of astigmatism
are to be made
ent examination chair fully motorized
Rotatble Radial Marker and Degree Gauge for aligment of 8
radial marks on the cornea
trial lens set for refraction
Suture Placement Marker for corneal grafts, 8 radial blades
with 8mm center opening
digital eye testing unit
T-Incision Marker single
NOX-2450 2.0mm , NOX-2451 2.5mm
NOX-2452 3.0mm, NOX-2453 4.0mm
NOX-2454 5.9mm
digital eye testing unit
Important : our research & development is a continuous process, so are upgrades on our products, So designs & specification are subject to change without prior notice.
refraction trial lens set
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